Frequently Asked Questions

1What is cold-pressed?

Cold- pressed is a technique that uses a hydraulic press to extract juice from fruit and vegetables.

2Why cold-pressed?​

This technique allows us to protect the taste and nutrients of our fruits. 

3Do you add sugar or water to your smoothies?

No, our smoothies are 100% made from fruits. Also, our smoothies contain only natural sugars. 

4Where do you grow your fruits ?

Our fruit fields are located in Kravarica, Gjilan, and we also buy fruits from local farmers all over Kosovo. 

5Where can I get Frutomania products?
6What is the storage condition for your smoothies?

Our products can be kept at the ambient room temperature (25 degrees) up to 12 months. 

After opening the lid in needs to be consumed within 3 days and it should be stored in a cold setting. 

7Why glass bottles and jars?

There are many benefits to the glass packaging. 

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