How we make smoothies?

Stage 1

We collect fruits from our own fields and through 500 farmers all around Kosovo

We ensure that all fruits are to the highest industrial standards

Stage 2

a) Fruits are cleaned
b) Barks get removed
c) They are pressed in cold and stored in a cold storage

Storage settings keeps the quality and freshness of our product intact until it reaches the next stage of the process

Stage 3

The liquid is header for 2 minutes and then cooled in temperature of 20°C for 45 seconds
This process is called pasterisation and it removes all bacteria and harmful microbes

Stage 4

Our juice is then filled in a glass bottles which were previously washed and sanitized. Bottles are closed with a vacuum

Vacuum is necessary in order to ensure the longer shelf life and freshness of the smoothies inside the bottle

Stage 5

We carefully pack our smoothies so that freshness and quality is preserved until the moment they reach the customer's hands

This is where our job is completed